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Sam Borgert live at the Never Never Mind

Local musician Sam Borgert is coming to The Never Never Mind Saturday, July 13.

We asked Sam for his thoughts on his work, and playing TNNM for the first time:

“This gig is an entirely acoustic run through of my first unreleased album, Easier In The Dark, an album which was largely written in and around the Bellingen and Dorrigo area.”

“It draws on true stories from my personal life, including some never-before heard songs and some family campfire favourites. It is a concept album, based around the idea that sometimes loving people and things is easier when there’s a degree of separation, and explores love, joy, heartbreak and mental health.”

“It means the world to me to be able to debut this album so close to my hometown of Bellingen, and I sincerely hope that it leaves you walking away feeling a little bet better than when you walked in.”

See our Events page for a link to purchase tickets.

Natural Beekeeping Course – May 2024

This unique course teaches the fundamentals of Natural, Bee Centric, Organic, Beekeeping practices and theories. While also inspiring a reverence for the miraculous, wordless lives of honey bees whose complex communal patterns and systems draw us into greater and more sacred connections to life, nature and community.
Adrian shares an intimate knowledge of, and love, for bees so that skills learned are both practical and spiritual.

You will leave with the confidence to start caring for your own bee colony, the capacity to catch and relocate a swarm, as well as insight into how caring for bees can open us to a greater understanding of life.

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Biodynamics at TNNM

Hamish Mackay brings 40 years of experience and know how to Biodynamics.

In the 1970’s he was a key player in implementing major improvements to the Australian wool industry by transitioning wool to sale by sample and description. Hamish pioneered the commercial use of controlled atmosphere grain storage for pest management, making it possible to export biodynamic and organic grain. This is now common grain storage practice. His work at the Demeter Bakery in Sydney in the 1980’s helped create greater community awareness of the role food and nutrition play in ongoing human health and well-being.

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TNNM Green Hub is here!

The Never Never Mind Green Hub is opening next Tuesday (March 5) and Wednesday with bread and egg pick up available from 3pm.

Thursday will be a Green Market day with locally grown spray free produce available. The Patch Organics is delivering chickens and veggies as well.

Hi, I’m Renata

Hello! I am very happy to connect with you. My name is Renata, and I’m deeply passionate about supporting local growers, makers, our community… and The Never Never Mind.

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Easter Art Exhibition

The Dorrigo Easter Art Exhibition celebrates and showcases the diverse artistic talent of people on the Dorrigo Plateau and has been a flagship event since 1990.  Application is open to residents of the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau 2453.

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